RSD 2020


There's a lot to communicate to anyone interested in Part 1 of RSD (Record Store Day) 2020. 

To attend, reading all the details is necessary, or shall we say ...FUNdamental. So sit down with a beverage and read up, dear friend.


Record Store Day (Part 1 of 3) is Sat. Aug 29th


2020 is weird, and things are different this time around. 


The organizers of RSD have set up three separate “drop dates” this year: August 29, September 26, and October 24.

We are approaching Saturday Aug 29 --the first drop date. 

So here's all you need to know: 


We have ordered RSD titles for Part 1 of RSD Saturday Aug 29. 

There aren't many bells and whistles this year. Think of it as three spread-out, chilled-out days rather than one sardine tin of a day. 


We are open on Aug 29th from 9am to 6pm.


In stage 3, gatherings are still subject to physical distancing of six feet. We can safely accommodate 15 people at a time on Aug 29 ----only IF--- everyone is cool, and gives each other space. 15 people is a few more folks than usual, so we'll be taking your name and # number to track our visitors. Providing your name and number also enters you automatically in our draw for Dr. Disc gift certificates (one $75, $50 and $25), goodies and swag!


We need to avoid packing the store this year. Arriving in groups gobbles up all the store capacity for others. Please consider one shopper per family (or one couple).


Masks cover your mouth and nose at all times. The health unit mandates it, and it is our store policy. If there's a health or other reason for not wearing a mask over nose and mouth, please send someone on your behalf  this time. 


We are asking you to complete your shoppin' in 30 mins or less. We're thinking of the folks waiting outside with sad faces, and wanting them to get a chance. 


Bring an abundance of patience if you need to wait. If there's a line up, maintain 6ft distance between parties. 


We know it's a lot! Maybe it's less spontaneous than usual, but it's our best alternative to cancelling RSD ...so please be easygoing with staff and fellow music lovers. 


So to recap: provide name and contact #, respect others' 6ft of space, wear your mask properly the whole time, limit your visit to under 30 mins, shop solo (or in a couple)... and all shall be golden. 


Stuff you might already know:


We order lots of titles.  We don't know what we'll be getting from the RSD folks until the night before.  If you ask us what we will have... the answer will be: "We don't know!" We keep our fingers tightly crossed that we receive the titles you're hoping to have. 

We can tell ya this: all the titles will be displayed in alphabetical order along the walls for easy strolling, and ease of finding what you want.  

The RSD folks do not allow us the hold or pre-sell titles. 


Thanks for your support! All this info will also be found our facebook page as well.